Venus of Dublin


A poignant tale about the personal cost and public inspiration of an actor’s life, this play was inspired by a true event, the legendary English actor Edmund Kean’s visit to the Huron village of Lorette, Quebec, in the early 1800s.

Premiered at the Centaur Theatre in 2000.

A shabby Dublin hotel room, the once-great actor Edmund Kean makes one last lunge at immortality by commissioning a portrait from a young ruffian artist he met in a pub. Unable to find the soul of a mercurial performer, the artist struggles to find the true man beneath his complex persona. Meanwhile, the hotel keeper Ginger Hogan is drawn into a whirlwind of ego and creativity. This play will strike a chord with anyone who has dreamed of escape from the self, and woken up to the familiar.

One woman, two men. Single set.

Available from Signature Editions.