Triplex Nervosa

:a condition effecting property owners in trendy neighbourhoods on the eve of a correction

Premiered at Centaur Theatre, April, 2014.
Rave reviews. 94% box office.
Part one of a trilogy   Mile End Days and Nights

Tass Navor has maxed out her credit cards and put a promising music career on hold to buy a triplex (three storey apartment building) in Mile End, Montreal. When she and her handyman Rakie conspire to make a difficult tenant’s life less comfortable, things go terribly wrong. A comedy about art and property, featuring ambitious young hipsters and their oppressive elders.

Seven actors play 11 roles.

Tass Nazor | young woman, building owner.
Rakie Ur | handyman, East European immigrant.
Max Fishbone | 50ish, washed up music producer; doubles as Kevin Fishbone, Chicago lawyer.
Damien-Marie de Beaufort | mid 30s, French, man about town; doubles as Lonny’s ghost.  
Alisha Tate | early to mid twenties, would-be painter.
Aaron Klein | any age, Hasidic, scholar; doubles as Alisha’s mother. 
Sgt. Germaine Tremblay | female detective; doubles as real estate agent.

Music by Patrick Watson