Sliding in All Directions

Music Theatre, 1995

A year in the making, this collaboration between Marianne Ackerman and composer Karen Young won THEATRE 1774 a Masque award for Best Anglophone Production. Their work inspired a film, Les Cantiques, broadcast on CBC and Bravo!  

 Karen Young created a best-selling CD from the material called Canticum Canticorum (Le Cantiques des Cantiques), songs and lyrics by Ackerman and Young.


A soldier and an angel, archetypal lovers, descend into the inferno of urban life in search of each other. The core of the play is four sketches probing the anguish of our time: an off-beat party scene by John Mighton, a father-son memory piece by Norbert Ruebsaat, a tough monologue by Judith Thompson and a mysterious telephone conversation by Donald Molnar.

These earthly tales are woven together by a musical score inspired by the Song of Songs. 

Directed by Guy Sprung.
Cast: Karen Young, Roc Lafortune, Bruce Dinsmore, Lise Roy, Anne-Marie Leduc, Erwin Potitt.
Musician Vassil Markov.
Set and lighting by Jean-Charles Martel.
Movement coach Marie-Andrée Gagnon.
Costumes by Mireille Vachon.

Sample the music here on YouTube More about the project from Karen Young here. Text and score available from the author.