Matters Of Hart

Fiction, 2005

“Beautifully written…imbued with beauty and longing”
Globe and Mail.

“Deft and moving”
The Montreal Gazette

“As she did in her first novel, Jump, Marianne Ackerman reminds us that timing – in art as in life – is very often everything. As a literary device, it is the spark that drives her new novel forward with a tabloid cockieness that commands the reader to follow it through to the end.”
Peter Taylor, The Toronto Star, December 12, 2006

“With a plethora of unexpected twists and turns, Matters of Hart is an entirely captivating and original exploration of one man’s renewal of spirit and home. … a thoroughly enjoyable novel, difficult to put down once you start reading it. I would recommend it to anyone who yearns to escape the confines of their life or just wishes to be entertained by crisp, meaty prose and a juicy story.
”M.J. Stone, Hour, March 30, 2006

“… a beautifully written, deftly plotted and ironically touched novel. I consumed it in one sitting. Still, it’s the kind of read that makes you stop, put down the book, and get up and walk around muttering ‘bowser’!”
Read This! January 12, 2006

Montreal, Mile End, a surprise 50th birthday thrown for money manager Hart Granger by his ex-wife Sandrine. Late in the party, a stranger knocks on the door, presenting himself as Hart’s half-brother, a child his mother gave up for adoption at 17.

A story of brotherhood and redemption.

Hart’s story is told through five short stories with women in his life as the main characters. Then his diary, followed by a surprising climax, told in third person.

Hardcover HART
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