Holy Fools + 2 Stories

Short fiction, 2014

Guernica Editions, 2014
ISBN-13:9781771830027 / TPB $20 / 200 PAGES

Ackerman establishes the right tone off the bat and never loses grip… (She) has found an original and highly readable way to show characters fighting against modern malaise — these people may seem crazy, but the world they inhabit is crazier still, and once you’ve signed on for the satirical treatment, the ride is exhilarating. 
– Ian McGillis, Montreal Gazette

Pitch-perfect dialogue of a writer in full command of her craft… Ackerman’s characters are naïfs or fools because they are out of sync with what the world around them consigns as serious and what it condemns to the margins.
– John Delacourt, Ottawa Review of Books

Marianne Ackerman succeeds in creating original plots and unworldly characters. She has added another valuable production to her already long list of literary achievements.
– Anne Cimon, Montreal Serai

The title story is a novella following the trajectory of a man accused of a crime he did not commit. His life changes when he meets Tolstoy, a once-mighty toilet paper tycoon, famous writer and mentor to prison inmates. A dark comedy about the game of life, the mixed messages of guilt and innocence.

In No One Writes to the Professor, a long-suffering scholar meets an old love and is offered a last chance at success.

Acting against his better instincts, a struggling farmer takes on a hired man, named Albert Fine, with consequences for all family members.

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