Blue Valentine

Romantic Comedy

“The slick sets command attention, the action is fast-paced and the play ultimately achieves moments of significance through fast wit and clever repartee. (Leni Parker) is enormously present onstage. … Bruce Dinsmore shifts effortlessly and convincingly between two mirror image characters”
Rea Nolan,The Condordia Link.

“If you would like to laugh your way through an unsettling look at the good and evil contained in three very real lives, check out Blue Valentine. This is a very hip piece.”
Sarah Housser, McGill Daily.

On a snowy night in Montreal, a high-powered literary critic encounters twin brothers: a struggling writer and his dazzling other. 
A thriller with romantic  overtones, this biting comedy asks why women fall for Mr. Wrong when happiness waits nearby. 

Premiered by Theatre 1774 in 1996. Directed by Marianne Ackerman, starring Leni Parker and Bruce Dinsmore.
Nominated in the Best Play and Best Anglophone Production categories at Les Masques, 1997.

Two juicy roles, man & woman.

Available from the author.